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  1. Skully Ar-1. Thoughts? Awesome features or overkill?

    Riding Gear
    Just found out about the Skully Ar-1 Helmet a bit ago. I am a bit blown away by the features that come on this helmet, but it seems like it is getting a lot of hate. Curious what everyones thoughts are on the helmet?
  2. Shorter Helmet Locks?

    Ninja 650R Accessories
    Hey guys, I know most of y'all say that the stock helmet locks are too short, but has anyone made them shorter. My reason being is that for when I want to bring a spare helmet with me, I do not have anywhere to put a second helmet. With the stock locks, it allows the helmet to hang too low and...
  3. Help Deciding On Replacement Helmet

    Riding Gear
    I am currently looking at replacing my HJC CS-R2 due to incorrect fitment. When purchasing this helmet initially, I knew HJC was a brand I liked because its the only brand helmet I've used on my four wheeler. However after riding for a couple of months and reading/researching a TON, I realize...
  4. Arai Astral Helmet with Pirahna on the back - FOR SALE

    General For Sale / Trade
    I have an Arai helmet in excellent condition with bag. Helmet says Astral on the back and has a Piranha with the top fin done as a Japanese flag. It is an "M" size. Not even sure what it is worth so if you are interested send me an email and I can respond with photos.
  5. Essential gear before picking up first bike?

    The Training Ground - New Riders!
    Buying an '07 Ninja 650R, and I was wondering what gear/tools/anything you guys would recommend for riding and upkeep. Can't wait!
  6. WTB Shoei RF-1000 Clear Shield

    General For Sale / Trade
    Hey Guys, I am in need of a clear shield for night time riding. My helmet is a Shoei RF-1000 Medium. If anyone has one they would be willing to part with let me know. Thanks!
  7. Rider to Rider communication/bluetooth/stereo Helmet Kits, whats best?

    Riding Gear
    I want to put a communication kit into my SHOEI RF-1000. Im looking to be able to have bluetooth so I can receive calls on my cell, as well as listen to music from my phone. And maybe a walkie talkie ability to talk to other riders with a simlar system. What models and makes are good for what...
  8. Kali Nira CF Review

    Riding Gear
    Since I searched for weeks to find a review on this helmet, and came up short every time, I figured I would do the internet a favor and post my own personal review of this helmet. Instead of writing a new review, you can see it over at Reddit through this link...
  9. Selling bike so all stuff has to go!

    General For Sale / Trade
    Hey guys/gals- As much as I enjoyed my bike this past season, a sudden foot injury ( shifting foot) forces me to sell it as well as all my gear. All this stuff has only been worn at the most 6 times. If you see anything you want let me know and I can send you pics. My bike is also for sale...