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  1. Ninja 650 - Hot in Summer?

    General Ninja 650R
    I live in southern Arizona and I ride pretty much all year, even in the summer when it's more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. My jacket has good venting and my bike is a naked bike (with just a small fly screen), so I get good ventilation and I don't really feel super-hot as long as the bike is...
  2. Problems with California spec. 2010 650r

    General Ninja 650R
    I purchased a brand new 2010 650 last year. The local dealership did not have any in stock and ordered one from who knows where. I've had several problems with it - mostly revolving around lean surging, very low gas mileage(avg. 39-41 with one spike of 61mpg and many times in the low to mid...