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  1. ZR-7s front fairings, guages, mirrors, etc. for sale

    ZR-7 For Sale/Trade
    Hello, I turned my 2001 ZR-7s into a ZR-7. So now I have all the "s" parts sitting in my garage. The fairings are complete and all in good condition (no crashes), although they need to be painted. The gauges are in working order, mirrors are good, but the rubber boots are...
  2. LEDs vs HIDs

    Ninja 650R Accessories
    Hello Everyone, My name is Veronika. I commute on a 2013 Ninja 650 in southern California. I commute year round no matter what the weather: rain, wind, heat, cold. (I have a long commute, 110 miles a day, and I am too impatient to drive a car no matter how bad the weather is). I am currently...
  3. Headlight Wiring Question

    Mean Streak Accessories
    Hey, all! I recently replaced the stock headlight with a double spotlight set-up. The problem I've run into is this: After starting the bike - my high-beam indicator light on the dash is *dimly* lit up and the two spotlights are also pushing out hardly any light (if I turn the high-beams on...
  4. Options for headlight swap on 07 650r?

    Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    Hello everyone. I've been a lurker here for a while - found some really helpful info for maintenance of the bike here. So thanks to all for keeping such a community alive and happening :) I am tired of the way the stock headlight looks on my 650r. I know this is a beaten-to-death topic, but I...
  5. headlight bulb replacement, with a few tricks on the 2009

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    So I've gone over 4 years of ownership with this motorcycle. The longest I've ever owned one. Long enough for things to start wearing out. Like the headlight bulb! The one on the right, which is supposed to be on all the time. I had to ride to work and back with the brights on, but only one...
  6. Noob headlights question

    General Ninja 650R
    When running the headlights on low beam only one of the bulb turns on, is this normal? Dealer says that's how it's supposed to be. Just picked up a 2012 Ninja 650 yesterday. My very first bike...
  7. Headlight Bulb Size for 05 Z750s

    General Z1000/Z750
    I want to swap my high and low beam headlights out for something a little whiter/Brighter. Are they HIDs? What Size Are the High and low?
  8. Xenon HID kit?

    Ninja 650R Accessories
    Whats up guys, have any of you ever install a Xenon hid kit? There on ebay from 30-100$. I know there is just the regular HID upgrade, but I ride a lot on the highway and it'd be nice to have some brighter lights. I have replaced the stocks with some sylvania night breakers which helped a lot...
  9. Headlights

    Mean Streak Accessories
    I've been keeping my eyes out for a new headlight for the Meanie. Found this on Amazon, thought others might like it seeing as it's a pretty good price for a 6 3/4 lamp. 6 3/4 Custom Chrome Headlight Does anyone have any experience finding Marauder or M95 headlights? I consider myself an...
  10. WTB Parts for 06-08 650r red Ninja. Front cowl, headlights, the fairing bracket and +

    Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade
    Crashed and basically front part of bike got split in two and went the next day to see the accident area and found my headlights on the floor with pieces missing. I need Front cowl (whatever its called. the thing that holds the headlight in place) Fairing bracket(the metal piece which u attach...