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  1. General Ninja 650R
    Hi all, first time poster, I'm at wit's end with this issue and even my usual shop hero couldn't figure it out so I'm here to plead for help. I've been chasing a rattling/ringing sound and tracked it down to the exhaust, and found that the exhaust header (only the left pipe) is loose at the...
  2. For Sale
    For Sale, full Muzzy 4 into 1 system with only 1850 miles on it. No issues at all, it has one minor scratch and one minor scuff. Never laid down and sounds amazing. Only reason I'm selling is I decided to go to a 4 to 2 system. Thanks for looking! Pm me with questions/ offers Asking $370...
  3. Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade
    Was wondering if anyone has a set of 2011 headers fir the Ninja 650, lemme know Thanks in advance
1-3 of 3 Results