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  1. General Ninja 650R
    Just bought my first bike (2012 EX650). Really love the bike and it does everything I ask from it. Don't have any friends that ride so I'm usually out and about solo. Any good groups worth looking into in the Bay Area for some leisurely rides? Thanks.
  2. Group Rides & Events
    I'm a fairly new rider in Arizona (Tempe and Chandler). I just got a Ninja 650, and was wondering if there are any others around that would want to ride sometime, teach me a thing or two. Or if you've ridden in AZ before, what places/area's do you recommend going to?
  3. Group Rides & Events
    Relatively new to the area and don't generally like to try to explore while riding alone
  4. Group Rides & Events
    New to the area. Looking for some folks to go riding with in and/or around the Boulder, Fort Collins, Estes Park area. Plus, if anyone knows of a good shop in this area, please let me know. Hopefully a shop with power commander expirience as I need to fine tune for altitude. Coming from sea...
1-4 of 4 Results