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  1. 2014-2016 Ninja 1000 OEM KQR Pannier fixings

    General For Sale / Trade
    Hi all, I'm looking to see if anybody out there is up for a trade. I have a set of the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 hard pannier/ saddlebag cases (KQR, 28 litre, made by Givi for Kawi) 2014-2016 model year. They are mint and I can't wait to mount them, the only problem is they are 2015 Candy Fire Red...
  2. For Sale - Givi Saddlebags for '02 ZR-7S

    ZR-7 For Sale/Trade
    Crashed the bike about 10 years ago and finally getting around to selling of the parts. Hard side luggage barely used/like new. They were not installed when the bike went down. One of them unfortunately had a key broke off in lock, but can likely be extracted easily...sticking the other half...
  3. Motocamping with the Ninja 650

    General Ninja 650R
    Here's a 1 minute video of me touring and camping on the 650r. Enjoy it!
  4. FS: Givi V35 MonoKey Side Case Matte Black (Philadelphia, PA)

    Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade
    I have a set of Used Givi V35 Monokey Universal Side Cases for sale I picked them up used without looking into the mounting hardware. I have a 2013 Ninja 650 and they do not make a system that I can use without drilling the bike.I should have read xhungus post Grab handles? We don't need no...
  5. Givi top box and pannier / side bag rack mounting issues

    ZR-7 Accessories
    Does anyone out there have a Givi rack (not the Givi monorack arm system) for panniers and top box fitted to their bike? Givi don't make them any more for the ZR-7, and I've just managed to buy one from ebay. Unfortunately there are no bolts that came with it (or instructions) and it looks like...
  6. Givi E350 top case with M5M monolock base plate Toronto Ontario Canada

    General For Sale / Trade
    SOLD Givi top case E350 Monolock holds 45 litres and 3kg or 6 to 7 lbs. Case is brand new never used however it came shipped with a broken key in the lock. I will try and remove broken key at locksmith and will update post when it is done or you can buy as is with an extra $20 off and you can...
  7. Advice on hard luggage (top cases and racks) for zr-7s

    ZR-7 Accessories
    I've been looking to add hard luggage to my zr-7s (specifically, a top case). I've looked at some givi top cases and givi racks but am still undecided. Are there any other brands of top cases and racks out there for the zr-7? I'm also curious about the handling of the bike with the topcase on...