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  1. Kawasaki KLF400 Not Shifting Back To Neutral

    Other Bikes
    This evening I was riding my farm quad, and went to back it up, backed up, shifted into 3rd, then the bike stopped. I attempted to shift it back through the gears to get it back into neutral, so it'd start again, and it wouldn't even show signs of coming back into neutral. I'm really not too...
  2. Z750 2006 gear jumps back after downshift

    General Z1000/Z750
    Hello guys! I recently bought a 2006 z750 with 70k kms on it, and it's a wonderful machine. But I found a very disturbing problem. Sometimes when I downshift(especially from 6,5,4) it gets in to the lower gear for a moment, and then jumps back from where I started. Sometimes it even jumps out to...

    Riding Gear
    Posted in the for sale section and not the riding gear section..so heres the thread from there! AXO Indy suit (54eu/44us) little rash from lowside.. $325 obo AXO KK4R race gloves (XL) NEW $50 obo AXO Argon Race boots size 12 worn 2 track days $125 obo Conti Race attack 180/55/17 rear tire...
  4. 2000 ZR-7 possible gear problem

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    Hey I was wondering if anybody could help with my problem and maybe some suggestions in how to fix it... Bike starts fine then I shift into first and let out on the clutch but the bike won't move... Tried shifting into second but it only goes into neutral... I haven't taken anything apart yet to...
  5. Selling bike so all stuff has to go!

    General For Sale / Trade
    Hey guys/gals- As much as I enjoyed my bike this past season, a sudden foot injury ( shifting foot) forces me to sell it as well as all my gear. All this stuff has only been worn at the most 6 times. If you see anything you want let me know and I can send you pics. My bike is also for sale...