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  1. General Ninja 650R
    What sort of mileage are people getting from their new 2017 Ninjas? Today my fuel gauge started flashing at 260km - I'm paranoid once that happens so I rolled into the petrol station and brimmed the tank with 10.7L of fuel after doing 276km (171.5 miles) with a good mix of city, highway and...
  2. General For Sale / Trade
    Hi fellow riders! :wavehand: As topic states, looking for a Kawasaki Z1000R 1983 model fueltank, been looking for quite some time, guessing they're not that easy to come by. Found one in denmark but it had quite some rust on it. Hopefully someone in here got one and are willing to sell...
  3. General Ninja 650R
    All this talk of winterizing got me looking around and I stumbled across this article on Popular Mechanics about alcohol in gas: http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/alternative-fuel/biofuels/e15-gasoline-damage-engine I've noticed ethanol doesn't store as well as straight gas but apparently...
1-3 of 3 Results