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  1. Alabama Ride - Leeds to Vincent

    Daily Ride
    I've been riding this route since I've lived in Birmingham, but since I'm new to the forum, I've not yet posted. It's basically Alabama Highway 25 from Leeds (right off I-20) south to Vincent. There's website that mentions a 9-mile ride from Leeds to a biker joint called "29 Dreams" (which has...
  2. Riders in Northern Va.???? looking to find some fun people to ride with..

    Group Rides & Events
    Relatively new to the area and don't generally like to try to explore while riding alone
  3. Any Columbus Georgia Area Riders want to meet up?

    Group Rides & Events
    Hey do any of you guys in the Columbus Georgia area or surrounding area want to meet up and go for a ride? I'd love to set up a few fun rides. I live near downtown Columbus on the River and frequently ride up to Pine Mountain and surrounding areas. Would love to hear back from any of you. If you...