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  1. Look what I found...

    General Mean Streak
    Laying across the tank of my bike... An official Bad Ace Billet t-shirt! Sweet!!!! Thanks, Paul! Back Front Hey, can I be in charge of finding the sexy chic to model it for you? There's a college campus right down the road from us. :FIREdevil
  2. Why Paul Fuller is so cool

    General Mean Streak
    About once every 6 weeks I walk into Paul's shop and ask him to make me something that is unrelated to motorcycles but which helps me out tremendously. For instance, the plastic barrel in my pool light retainer broke. I walked in and asked him if he could make a new threaded barrel for the...
  3. Triple chrome service

    Mean Streak Accessories
    Paul got his stuff today for the triple chrome process. I just got back from his shop to chat with him about it. It's a pretty significant intestment on his part. He still has some setting up to do and establishing a dedicated and properly ventilated area in one of his buildings. I'll be...
  4. Custom Mean Streak risers from Fuller Precision, Inc.

    Mean Streak For Sale/Trade
    Oops. I meant to post close-up riser pics for Paul Fuller's thread 2" bar risers cheap!!. Don't shoot me! How do we delete posts?
  5. Wow! Check this out!

    General Mean Streak
    As several of you already know, Fuller CNC has joined this forum and offered their services for us Mean Streak owners. I suspect in the future they will offer products and services for other motorcycle models. But until then... we are truly VIPs!!! A CNC company that has a direct relationship...