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front fender

  1. Kawasaki Mean Streak Fenders

    Mean Streak Accessories
    Have you been looking for that Long sleek front fender for your Mean Streak? Come check out Low and Mean's front fender options for your Mean Streak!!!!! Kawasaki Mean Streak Fenders...
  2. anyone tried low and mean long or reaper front fender?

    Mean Streak Accessories
    I have a used "limited edition" Mean streak and when I was going to clean my front grill where the is a nice long brown dirt streak in the middle I realized that the radiator is actually dented along that line from debris. I like the look of the Reaper by LM, and wanted to know if it goes down...
  3. Removing Mean Streak front fender

    General Mean Streak
    Thinking about removing the front plastic fender off a 1600 Mean Streak....can I roll without it without causing too many problems? I am in Southern California and it rarely rains around here... Thanks!