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  1. Daily Ride
    I have a honda 125cc and had nothing done To my bike, no mods or anything. At low revs i have this high pitch noise coming from the engine, it drowns out when i accelerate or am at high speeds... in the same ride at about 50mph the bike was sputtering untill i slowed down (only happened that...
  2. Mean Streak Maintenance
    I got a new front tire put on a little while back and I have been noticing a ton of noise coming from my front wheel now. All kinds of friction/rubbing sounds to squeaking type sounds. I also noticed that my front brake lever seems tighter, as in I don't have to pull it as much to engage the...
  3. Mean Streak Maintenance
    Once again, my inexperienced self is back to ask the smart guys questions. I have been noticing a bit of noise coming from the front end of my bike recently. The best way I can describe it is that when my wheel starts rolling, it sounds like something needs to be oiled. Kind of a sqeeky/rubbing...
1-3 of 3 Results