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  1. Mean Streak Accessories
    I am looking for an aftermarket (Mustang , Corbin etc) seat for my 07 Meanie. If anyone has one they are looking to part with please contact me. Thanks
  2. For Sale
    I have a Corbin seat for a zr7. Before this seat I could only go 30miles before it was uncomfortable after the seat it was 100miles and I was still comfortable. I'm asking $199.
  3. General Mean Streak
    Has anybody here ordered Corbin Dual Touring Seat and coupled it with a Harrison Specialties backrest? The reason for my question is that I am considering a Corbin seat for my '02 Meanie and can buy the seat, with studds for $479 from Corbin and the studded backrest for $66 from Ebay and come...
1-3 of 3 Results