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  1. General Ninja 650R
    Hi I want to replace my coolant tank but I have no idea how. I also don’t have any tools so if someone knows what do I need tell me what I need. I’m trying to save some money by doing it myself.
  2. General Ninja 650R
    Hey Guys, I have '14 Ninja 650. I recently did a coolant flush and switched to Toyota Pink antifreeze. I filled up the reservoir a little above the "HI" line. I noticed a little bit of coolant spit out on the ground from the previous ride when I take it out. I did the flush at 8500mi, I'm at...
  3. General Mean Streak
    I just bought a 2008 meanie last friday (my first bike). Went for a couple of small rides but waiting for my appointment at the shop for a big checkup before i go too far, checked the oils everytime. But...stupid me never checked/knew about the coolant reservoir under the seat. Today while...
  4. The Training Ground - New Riders!
    Thought I'd take the time to finally post on what seems like a great community! Been lurking for awhile doing research and such. However, I am now the proud owner of a 2007 Ninja 650r! I completed the MSF course a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the right deal ever since. Taking it...
  5. Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    Hey all, It has been a while since i have posted here. Work will be keeping me very busy for this riding season and then the cafe racer project will be back on. I took the bike out of winter storage today. winters here are VERY COLD. we are talking lows down to -25f ish and the month of Feb...
1-5 of 6 Results