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  1. General Z1000/Z750
    Hey guys so I just purchased this 2006 z750s with 10k and excellent condition.. Anyways I love it except for the seat actually.. I much prefer the 2 seat look and will have the money to attempt to convert it here soon. Any ideas on everything I will need? I was thinking seats, rear fairing and...
  2. General Ninja 650R
    Hey guys, First time poster, fairly long term reader on this forum. I recently purchased a 2008 Kawasaki 650R that had been involved in an accident and all the fairings, handlebars, side mirrors and the right tail light broke. The bike still runs 100% fine. I'd like to convert the bike to a...
  3. Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    After reading all the different posts on here about swaping the forks on the Z1K's, and Z750's for 636 units. I thought to myself hey that would be cool but it's a pretty expensive conversion after all the parts total up. Well finally the love for tinkering got the better of me. I thought, if...
  4. General Bandit Chat
    I have a 2001 Bandit 1200 that is an s model-the previous owner wrecked it first time out then put it away in his barn. I bought it, got it running and it is a fantastic bike!! The previous owner took the fairing off after it was wrecked and with the fairing went the speedo/tach/indicator...
1-4 of 4 Results