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  1. Clutch clunk and travel after wreck

    General Ninja 650R
    So I bought a 2011 650r from a friend after he wrecked it. My issues are that when going into first, there is a HUGE clunk that happens and the travel from 1st to 2nd is extremely long....as in twice what my ninja 1k is. Can anyone help me remedy this?
  2. clucnking noise when in neutral

    Daily Ride
    i just bought a 1991 ZZr250 for my first bike and because i haven't got my license yet i got my brother to ride it home for me and it went fine without any abnormalities. two days later we took it for a run around the block and found that when its in neutral it makes a heavy clunking noise but...
  3. What is wrong with my motorcycle??

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Hey guys, I just found this forum, looked around a bit, and am now making this post. So please dont flame me if I've done something wrong... Anywho, I'm a fairly new rider, started earlier this year. I started on an 06' 650R, which I still have. It has 16k-ish miles on it. Today was the...