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  1. ISO Keihin CVK32 from 01-05 zr7 750

    General For Sale / Trade
    Hello All, I am new to this group and I am looking to source a set of carburetor's for my 79 KZ650SR. I would like these carbs to be in decent shape and if you have the intake boots and the boots that mount to the airbox that would be a plus. Let me know what you have and let's make a deal...

    General Bandit Chat
    hello all! I am new at this but i am not sure where else to find assistance... I am looking for 2000-2002 Suzuki Bandit GSF600s Carburetor specifically Bank 3 - I have looked everywhere but Suzuki stopped making this part so everywhere i look online they say they have it but do not... Anyone...
  3. carb issues after service inspection

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    I took my recently-aquired 01 ZR-7s to a local Kawasaki shop, as they said they could do a full inspection on it for $70. I suspected it would show the bike needed fork seals or brake seals, among a few other things, and possibly a carb cleaning & synch. The bike has run well for me since buying...
  4. Advice Please :)

    General Bandit Chat
    Hi Guys I have a Bandit 1200s 1999 model. I have had so frigging much trouble with it that I am almost giving up and scrapping it ! The thing is... It firstly spend way to much gas, it soot a lot from the exhaust and when I come home after 30 min drive, it kills the engine when I for example...
  5. bought a basket case...NEED CARB HELP

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    Im new to the forums here and have been searching for the answers I need all around the internet. I made my profile today after lots of searching on your site to ask for help. Ive found lots of useful information here but still not what I need. So, like the title says, I bought a basket case...