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  1. General Ninja 650R
    Okay so my brake lever recently broke off when my bike was knocked over in a parking garage. I thought i would try out some shorty levers, I went with some cheap ebay ones, $40. They are much higher quality material than i expected and look great. But there are some problems... The clutch does...
  2. Ninja 650R Maintenance
    have ~14k on the brakes and the front is squealing. probably need to be replaced. any decent aftermarket brands? or a site where i can find the oem for a decent price cause partzilla.com has the front at $65 a piece and the back at $55. thanks!
  3. Mean Streak Maintenance
    I got a new front tire put on a little while back and I have been noticing a ton of noise coming from my front wheel now. All kinds of friction/rubbing sounds to squeaking type sounds. I also noticed that my front brake lever seems tighter, as in I don't have to pull it as much to engage the...
  4. Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    I went to use my rear brake the other day and when I pressed down I had no pressure at all. I thought there might be air in the system but when I went to bleed it I couldn't get any fluid to come out of the bleeder. I don't know whether to suspect the caliper or the master cylinder or...
  5. General Ninja 650R
    does anyone on here have any first hand experience with buying the knock off pazzo look a like levers off of ebay? I'd like to get the short ones but idk if it's worth it. I definitely don't feel like paying 180 for 2 levers...but let me know if anyone knows about this
  6. General Ninja 650R
    I'm not even sure if this is a real problem, but i'm pretty sure that the brake light is supposed to come on when you pull in the front brake...correct me if i am wrong. However, mine doesn't. It only comes on when the rear brake is applied? Anyone experiencing the same problem? I feel like i...
1-6 of 6 Results