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  1. Riding Gear
    Hey everyone, I'm hoping anyone who has experience with the Interphone F5MC bluetooth unit can give me their thoughts on a few things. I've owned one for a year now and HATE using it. I was highly disappointed because after exhaustive research, it seemed to be the highest rated and everyone...
  2. Riding Gear
    tl;dr: I'd like a SENA SMH10R with three changes. 1) None of the voice prompting stuff. 2) Normal 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or mini-din jack for the phones/mic -- none of this proprietary plug business. 3) Roughly 1/3 the cost. Long version: I have a bluetooth enabled phone and GPS, paired together...
  3. Riding Gear
    I want to put a communication kit into my SHOEI RF-1000. Im looking to be able to have bluetooth so I can receive calls on my cell, as well as listen to music from my phone. And maybe a walkie talkie ability to talk to other riders with a simlar system. What models and makes are good for what...
1-3 of 3 Results