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bed extender

  1. SALE SALE SALE!!! The Shark Kage loading ramp now on sale!

    General Ninja 650R
    The Shark Kage is the first of its kind! It is a 6-in-1 loading ramp that can do it all! Not only is it a high capacity loading ramp, it also can be transformed into a cargo box, bed extender, cargo cover, work table, and sun shade. The Shark Kage has an impressive weight capacity of over 1200...
  2. More than just a ramp... Shark Kage

    Riding Gear
    The new 6-in-1 loading ramp that is much more than just a ramp. The Shark Kage can be transformed into 6 different features that include: high capacity loading ramp, bed extender, lockable cargo box, work table, cargo cover, and a sun shade. It mounts directly to your tailgate with the Shark...
  3. How would you use your Shark Kage!!??

    Riding Gear
    The Sun shade is only 1 of MANY uses that you can do with your Shark Kage!!! What other creative ways could you guys use the Shark Kage?? Let the ideas flow!!!:righton: