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  1. General Bandit Chat
    Hello all, to give you a bit of background my bandit was sitting for a couple of years after discovering that the exhaust collector had completely corroded and didn't know what to do with it. I have now fixed the exhaust system. Once the bike was running again, the engine felt rough and one of...
  2. General Bandit Chat
    hello all! I am new at this but i am not sure where else to find assistance... I am looking for 2000-2002 Suzuki Bandit GSF600s Carburetor specifically Bank 3 - I have looked everywhere but Suzuki stopped making this part so everywhere i look online they say they have it but do not... Anyone...
  3. Cruiser Corner
    I have a 125cc suzuki marauder since I was 16 when I first started learning to ride it was brilliant to ride for a couple of years when I was learning but since then it's been sitting in the garage for around 5 years. Id love to get her back on the road and am considering swapping the engine...
  4. General Bandit Chat
    I have a 2001 bandit 1200s that I'm thinking about turning into a streetfighter. Since those bike lack performance but handle really good I figure it would fall as a perfect candidate. What do y'all think?
  5. General Bandit Chat
    Ok... There's a video on YouTube that has a guy at track days with his friend. In the video he states that him and his buddy have equal riding skill but his friend is on a gsxr1000 and he is on the bandit 1200. Now in the video they lead change a few times but the bandit ends up holding the lead...
  6. General Bandit Chat
    Hey guys, Few days ago my bike got hit by some muppet whilst parked and knocked it over, they drove off...broke the clutch lever, i replaced it, but in the process i also ended up snapping the pivot bolt holding it in. Been looking for one online but for the life of me cant find one...any one...
  7. For Sale
    Hello! I am located in the Southeastern US and I have a bunch of 1200 Bandit parts available. All of these are from my 1997 Bandit. All prices are US$. Prices are exclusive of shipping. 1) Corbin Dual Canyon seat with Backrest - 250 - Very good condition 2) Akrapovic Full Titanium Exhaust -...
  8. General Bandit Chat
    So, my Dad has a 97 Bandit 1200s. It's piped, jetted, and geared (these mods were done years before this new issue, just FYI). Recently it started having problems starting. Basically you go to start it, and it turns over VERY slowly, it does this for 10-30 seconds then the bike starts, and the...
  9. For Sale
    1997, 1200 suzuki bandit 4 into1 16 valve dual over head cam, im moving and this bike has to go, runs great, gets excellent gas mileage, and with just alittle love and care this could be one of the baddest lookin bikes on the road. im askin 2000 or best offer. Phoenix
  10. General Bandit Chat
    Hey guys been lurking the forums for a bit just wanted to post my latest mod On here. After looking around for a decent set of crash bars and not finding any or ones that where more expensive to ship then to order or way over priced i decided to build my own bear in mind this is just version 1.0...
  11. General Bandit Chat
    The neutral and oil pressure lights don't work on my 96 bandit 600. Can anyone point me in the direction the wires go so I can trace them and see if they are broken. The oil light doesn't light with key on with the bike not running, and the neutral light never works. I've checked the bulbs and...
  12. General Bandit Chat
    So i bought my bike (1996 bandit 600) a couple months ago and fell in love with it. The only issue it had was a small oil leak (couple drops a day) which i planned on fixing once i got the money, but in the mean time ive been adding oil as needed. It ran strong without problems until this recent...
  13. For Sale
    I have a new (never installed) stainless steel Dale Walker Vortex slip-on muffler for a Suzuki Bandit 1200 or 600. Here is their web page: http://holeshot.com/accessories/hp_muffler.html I purchased it for a '99 Bandit and never installed it. Found it last week when cleaning out the...
  14. General Bandit Chat
    Hi all, Is a pleasure for me to join this forum. I hope to learn much with you. My bandit is a k8 650. www.goo.gl/eOAKi I apologize in advance if I make mistakes in writing because my native language is Spanish. Greetings
  15. General Bandit Chat
    Stock Handlebars on my bandit have a slight bend that causes wrist fatigue! Anyone know of a set of good bars for long touring comfort that will clear the oem fairing? Also, want throaty sounding muffler, but have the givi side cases on! Anyone know of a good muffler that will fit??
  16. General Bandit Chat
    K1 forks on a 97 ? Will they fit and do I need to change anything else on bandit
  17. General Bandit Chat
    I had the misfortune of laying down my brand new 09 Bandit 1250SA. It happened at very slow speed as I was parking my bike, but the impact caused a few noticeable scratches to the crankshaft cover, left fairing and plastic of mirror. Fortunately, no parts are broken and the marks are only...
  18. General Bandit Chat
    The B-King is claimed to be the naked version of the Hayabusa. It's categorized as a standard, naked bike, but does that make the B-King the luxury version in the Bandit 1250 class? Is it built for touring, such as the Bandit 1250S?
1-18 of 18 Results