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bandit 600

  1. bandit 600 gsf frame

    General Bandit Chat
    guy bumped my front tire n kept going insurance wont cover it some reason:mad: and trying to figure out how to unbend my front frame braket i guess its called gsf bandit frame - Imgur its a picture of it, im not sure where to beging to look for replacements or can i bend it back myself
  2. 97 Bandit Fairings

    General Bandit Chat
    Does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade my 1997 Suzuki GSF 600 S Bandit to full fairings instead of the half fairings that it came stock with? And if so, can you give me the info I need to know to make this upgrade happen? Any info or help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. 1997 Suzuki Bandit idle issues/won't start

    General Bandit Chat
    I bought my bandit about 7 months ago and have ridden it only a handful of times. Here's the problem and hopefully someone can help me out because I'm at a loss. It cranks, but *rarely* starts. When it does start, sometimes it idles at 4,000 rpms, sometimes it idles at 1,400 rpms, but it never...
  4. New and looking for thoughts.

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    Hello, Started up on here because I needed a Bandit forum to discuss my thoughts and get opinions. I have a 2000 Bandit S 600 1: Has anyone fabricated a decent steering stabilizer? 2: I have heard the 2000 GSX-r Snorkels fit on the bandits. Anyone tried it? How was the fit? 3: Instead of...
  5. Where to start? Bandit

    General Bandit Chat
    Just bought a 2000 Bandit 600, as a fixerupper. Oh what have i done? Im new to biking and armed with little or no bike knowledge... Got the Bandit all seemed well on the test ride, but once i got it home im finding all sorts of little problems, It was originally a faired model but the previous...
  6. Tricked her out myself after hitting a deer back in April-what you think?

    General Bandit Chat
    the pics of me are too graphic for some. But here is what gorilla glue sandpaper and a few satin black spray cans will do. not to metion ebay for parts-tell me what you think