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  1. General Bandit Chat
    About a year in search of the problem so far.... The bike has 6,000 miles, 2003 Bandit 1200, was riding perfect and one day just pulled it out of the garage, started it and it would not run right. After a while found that cylinder 2 and 4 pipes are cold. The bike is running on 2 cylinders. Work...
  2. General Bandit Chat
    I'd just like to start by saying I've never posted on a forum before so bare with me please :dance: Hello anyone taking the time to read this, I hope you can help! My MK1 bandit 1200 (Y plate) isn't getting spark at all, it's trying to turn over but obviously not starting, the electrics...
  3. General Bandit Chat
    Anybody know what two brothers exhaust slips on my 01 bandit 1200 takes.
  4. General Mean Streak
    Does anybody know what two brothers slip on I can put on my 01 bandit 1200?
  5. General Bandit Chat
    I bought a 2003 Bandit S this year and after I almost got run over turning left, I checked and discovered that in the daytime the front turn signals are so recessed, and dim, that a person can't really see them blinking off and on (!). I'm going to look into the possibility getting brighter...
  6. General Bandit Chat
    Hi Guys I have a Bandit 1200s 1999 model. I have had so frigging much trouble with it that I am almost giving up and scrapping it ! The thing is... It firstly spend way to much gas, it soot a lot from the exhaust and when I come home after 30 min drive, it kills the engine when I for example...
1-6 of 6 Results