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  1. BAK, Chuckster & Caddman upgrade

    General Mean Streak
    I just had a thought as I was trying to dig the stupid stuck tractor out of the dang mud. Anyone interested in me looking into designing a spacer to possibly tweak the intake's performance for the streak? It would be much cheaper than a full BadA$$ Intake? I don't have any of the three and...
  2. Seat poll

    General Mean Streak
    Which seat setup do you like best? You can select more than one. Stock Classic solo Classic dual Classic dual with driver backrest
  3. BadA$$ Intake dyno run...

    General Mean Streak
    73.09 HP 95.03 TQ Max TQ at 3300rpm. This was with my 2004 Mean Streak with the BadA$$ Intake, Cobra Deluxe Classic Slash Cuts and pcIII.
  4. BadA$$ Intake for the Mean Streak

    Mean Streak For Sale/Trade
    The BadA$$ Intake is now available for the Mean Streak (2002-2007). This intake is available with and without the throttle body spacer. $349 + shipping with the spacer. $299 + shipping without the spacer. Estimated lead time is 5 weeks. Model pictured below is with spacer. For the model...