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  1. General Ninja 650R
    I have a 2019 Ninja 650 that is completely stock with 2K miles and I have been having issues with it backfiring through the air box. It seems to happen more frequently when I downshift and engine brake and then slowly get on the gas. It then "pops" through the air box and hesitates. This has...
  2. Mean Streak Maintenance
    Hello....just purchased a 2004 MS with 28K miles from the original owner. Bike is in great shape, but I know I have a lot of maintenance I need to go through to bring the bike up to date for my piece of mind. Already ordered cam tensioner extensions as I knew that was probably going to be...
  3. Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    Ok, so I am 21 years old and I do not know my way around the mechanics of engines or such... I had recently purchased a two brothers slip on for my 2009 ninja 650R, but did not pick up a PC or Juice Box Pro because I did not understand its purpose just yet. I have done some research on it and...
1-3 of 3 Results