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  1. Power Commander PC-V and Autotune for 2008/2009 Concours 1400 $200

    General For Sale / Trade
    Loaded with Fuel Moto tune. Perfect setup for Concours 1400 with full Area P header and high flo air cleaner. Has two tunes. (Eco and Performance) Just add the switch. Autotune comes with the O2 sensor. $200 for the package. $10 shipping for USPS Priority Mail. [email protected]
  2. FS: Dynojet PCV 5 Autotune

    General For Sale / Trade
    I am selling my Dynojet Autotune(AT-200) module that was used for about 500 miles to optimize the fueling on my 2010 Ninja 650R after installing a full exhaust and doing airbox mods. It's a really great tool to road tune your bike and eliminate pops and hesitations. $180 shipped in the US...
  3. Do I need a Power Commander to run my exhaust?

    Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    So I ordered my Yoshimura exhaust for the 2012 650 yesterday and am patiently awaiting its arrival :mouthwate . I took in my bike to a local shop for its first maintenance checkup (recommended by a lot of the military people here) and I noticed a GXR750 with a blown engine. I asked the mechanic...