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air box

  1. 2019 Ninja 650 backfires through intake

    General Ninja 650R
    I have a 2019 Ninja 650 that is completely stock with 2K miles and I have been having issues with it backfiring through the air box. It seems to happen more frequently when I downshift and engine brake and then slowly get on the gas. It then "pops" through the air box and hesitates. This has...
  2. Oil leaking from air box.

    General ZR-7
    Recently got my 2000 ZR7 back on the road after parking due to a back injury. New tires, valve adjustment, rebuilt carbs, oil & filters, all general maintenance. 16k miles. Runs great, still love it. However it is dripping quite a bit of oil from the bottom corner of the air box, about a 6 inch...