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650r ninja

  1. Interphone F5MC Bluetooth Woes

    Riding Gear
    Hey everyone, I'm hoping anyone who has experience with the Interphone F5MC bluetooth unit can give me their thoughts on a few things. I've owned one for a year now and HATE using it. I was highly disappointed because after exhaustive research, it seemed to be the highest rated and everyone...
  2. New to riding, Any advice.

    General Ninja 650R
    Hello all, I am new to the forums here and am looking to purchase my first bike. I am looking at the 650R's as my first purchase. I acquiring all of my gear pre-purchase, I don't want to ride without it. Any thoughts on the 650 as a bike for a first time rider?
  3. Has anyone wheeled the 2012 ninja 650r?

    General Ninja 650R
    I was just wondering if it has been done? :rolleyes: