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  1. FS: 2003 Orange Z1000 for $3300 Located in Torrance CA (Southern California)

    General For Sale / Trade
    Selling my 2003 Z1000. I just bought a new Z1000. So I don't ride this much. Mileage: 19960 Zero Gravity windshield, includes the stock one Slip on exhaust Shogun frame sliders Fender eliminator kit Newer tires Fresh oil change Brake flush Battery replaced a few months ago Battery tendering...
  2. [Z750] Clip-ons / 636 fork question

    General Z1000/Z750
    Hello Ladies and Gents! I'm building a cafe racer from my 2006 Kawasaki Z750 and want to install clip-ons instead of standard handlebar. I've searched the forums and came up with these threads...
  3. Digital Gauges in 06 650R

    Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    I did some research and found that the 05 636 gauges fit the 650R connector and is a plug and play replacement. I know I need a speedo healer and I've seen some people do this. Just wanted to know if anyone had any advice on where to mount the gauges. I am trying to go for a factory look and...
  4. 2003 Z1000 - The "Original" in Orange with 636 upgrade and Extras

    Z1k/Z750 For Sale/Trade
    This is the bike you've been looking for! Full of upgrades and extras, but still right on blue book price means that this deal won't last. $3300 This is the original Zed, with all the upgrades it needs to make it that sweet street machine - while keeping the edge that the newer models have...
  5. Suckered into doing the 636 fork swap on my z705s.

    Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    After reading all the different posts on here about swaping the forks on the Z1K's, and Z750's for 636 units. I thought to myself hey that would be cool but it's a pretty expensive conversion after all the parts total up. Well finally the love for tinkering got the better of me. I thought, if...
  6. Went to demo day test drove 636/z1000/300 OMG!!! Reviews of each!!!

    General Ninja 650R
    So went to Carlisle bike fest today and they had a demo day there and I got there right at opening to secure my spots and did 3 bikes to compare with my 650. Here are my experiences and basic reviews of each. I drove in this order 636 then z1000 then 300. So lets start with the 636. I started...
  7. Ok yet another 636 front end swap question for you guys.

    Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    So here it is, I've fumbled thru the forums but couldn't find a clear answer. Will the '03-'04 636 triple clamps work with the '05-'06 636 forks? What is the difference between the two forks? I want to use the '03-'04 clamps cuz the top clamp is solid, and I want to modify it to fit the z750s...
  8. WTB: 05+ 636 Forks, Red

    Z1k/Z750 For Sale/Trade
    Looking for a set of forks in red from the 2005 and up 636. Thanks!
  9. 636 and zx10 swap questions

    Kawi ZX-10R/ZX-6R
    So I got a 05 636 and I want to swap the forks, triple, and would be sweet to take the cluster also off a 2012 zx-10r...anybody know If this swap is possible without too much modification? If anything else would match up that you would know of please let me know!!!!
  10. 2004 z1000 swingarm in 2004 z750

    Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    Hey all, I have found a lot of info on a zx636 arm into a 750, but can not verify if the 1st gen z1000 arm will bolt into a 1st gen z750. Pictures look like the linkage offset on the z1000 arm is on the opposite side, but I thought the frames were interchangable. Can anyone lend a hand? My...
  11. 636 front end swap

    Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    am doing research on changin over to 636 front end and from what ive seen so far sounds like an 03-04 636 front end will bolt right on to the 650 is this correct? and will it fit with stock fairings/ wheel lock position.. and will i have to change my tire/brakes found a complete 04 636 front end...
  12. 636 gauge for sale

    Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade
    I sold my bike and found this 636 gauge in a box. I am asking 120 and i will pay for shipping. Gauge has mounting bracket and hardware.. Text me at 580 six four nine 2857 thanks