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  1. Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    I have a 2013 with a full TwoBros titanium exhaust and recently installed the Juice box pro and set it in map position 2 (stock filter, with full TBR exhasut) and I am pretty happy with the performance. But not the significant drop in fuel mileage... So I plugged in the Juice Box to my computer...
  2. Ninja 650R Accessories
    I just posted a video showing the install process of a 12V accessory outlet. I hope this helps. http://youtu.be/AhU6HmAHl3I
  3. General Ninja 650R
    I am thinking about getting a new 2013 ninja 650 abs.Can you guys tell me how much you paid out the door for one?A dealer is quoting me 7500 out the door.Does that seem like a good deal?I live in washington state.Thank you for the help in advance!
1-3 of 3 Results