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2000 kawasaki zr 7

  1. Diagnosing Clutch Problem

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    Hi all. Hoping you can help me diagnose the issue with my 2000 ZR-7 clutch. To my novice eyes, it seems like it sticks at first, then maybe even slightly slips until 3000 RPM. Here are the symptoms: 1. Bike rolls in 1st with clutch pulled in. Does not roll with clutch released. Good start. 2...
  2. manual-less and broke. Can any one give me some help wiring my 2000 Kawasaki ZR 750 F

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    So I cant seem to get my headlight wires identified and the previous owner did some custom wiring to my bike that slipped my eyes when I bought it, Can anyone help me figure out why I have no power going to my headlight?