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  1. Will engine crash bars for ZR750C Zephyr fit ZR-7?

    General ZR-7
    The 550 and 750 are completely different engines/ motorcycles. I really don't think hardly anything is interchangeable.
  2. WTS OEM Hard Cases & rack

    ZR-7 For Sale/Trade
    Are they still available ?
  3. Will engine crash bars for ZR750C Zephyr fit ZR-7?

    General ZR-7
    The design of many of the "engine bars/ case bars" save the cases in lesser incidents but put a great deal of impact force on the main engine block cases and can fracture and break them. Renntec engine case guards/ bars use a brace system that also goes behind the cylinders under the...
  4. Summer: how do u beat the heat?

    Riding Gear
    I made the decision almost 40 years ago to become acclimated to the heat extremes that are prevalent here in South Central Kansas. I wear vented gear head to toe and either uses hydration equipped tank bag/ backpack or both. I work in nonclimate controlled enviroment and live in a home without...
  5. Kawasaki W800

    Daily Ride
    Well, that's where the latest iteration of the new/ old British vertical twin comes in. The Royal Enfield 650 twins. Their Interceptor and GT are the real things. They have centerstands available too. There's even a dealer close by me in Wichita that sell both marques. Bikers Edge here is a...
  6. Kawasaki W800

    Daily Ride
    I personally find it to be a wonderful "retro" motorcycle that has all the good things and lacking literally all the "downs" of the modem Triumph and none of the negatives associated with the "classic" Triumph vertical twins. In many ways they (the Kawasaki W650 &W800) out Triumph the Triumph...
  7. Help Needed - Chain Maintenance

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Your owners manual tells you the standard methods of chain maintenance. Kerosene is a standard cleaning medium or a spray of WD40 on a shop rag and a light touch to remove excess surface lube or dirt. Remember if its on the outside run it is there because centrifigual force has moved it...
  8. Oil Change... uhhhhh... bike won't start?

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    Something I just thought of. Check to make sure that the vacuum pulse hose that operates the ON position on your fuel petcock is good. It might have cracked and if so you will not get a vacuum signal to operate and open the petcock. Try the Prime position and see if that helps. just a thought.
  9. Help Needed - Chain Maintenance

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Wow, serious "WTF" on this. Only 3 major things effect chain/ sprocket life, alignment, slack, lube, and you seem to have these covered. You seem to be doing things correctly with out the expected result. I personally run the "Hi Zoot" DID brand chain and use Maxima chain wax and lube when I...
  10. Post your ZR pictures - pics here

    General ZR-7
    I have a blue ZR7 like that.
  11. New helmet needed

    Daily Ride
    Hey Gump, in my mind if your helmet is riding down that way you have chosen a helmet at lest 1 size too large. I help my friends by telling them to check the Lid Picker system is very helpful. Check it out at lidpicker.com
  12. Oil Change... uhhhhh... bike won't start?

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    Check the "basics" first air, fuel, spark. Air is simple, is there fuel flowing to the carbs, Check to see if the float bowls are full. Then pull a spark plug cap and slip a plug into it ground it to the head and crank it over. Any spark ?
  13. Some maintenanc 20Nov18 . part one Air filter

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    The K&N Air Filter comes "Pre Oiled" from the factory, so it's good to go from the box. Install as is. I personally would buy and use the K&N air filter sealing grease or high-temperature disc brake grease to enhance the operation of the filter. The only time you need to oil the filter is...
  14. Some maintenanc 20Nov18 . part one Air filter

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    1 Use a high temp disc brake grease to "seal" the air filter to airbox junction. An old "desert racers" trick. 2 buy a bottle of Dri Slide Bike Aid dry moly lubricant (with the needle applicator). It's the best cable lube on the planet. It's a dry film lubricant with a liquid carrier. 3 Use...
  15. New helmet needed

    Daily Ride
    I wear Bell Helmets and the Star since their "reintroduction" in 2010 had been my choice. The newest Star (classis or street) MIPS versions is what I have chosen. And they have finally made the self darkening Pro Tint face shield available again and I have that too. I bought the "Classic" in...
  16. Help

    Daily Ride
    I'm sure there is some form of nut retainer used to hold the nut as an auxiliary retainer after you replace it. You should order a couple as they are a comsumable like a cotter pin and are good to have on hand as needed.
  17. Just General chit chat

    General ZR-7
    Motorcycles will be "part of me" to the end. And I just can't do 3 wheelers in any configuration.
  18. Stock bar end weights.

    General Ninja 650R
    Grab On still manufactures rubber foam style motorcycle grips and many more applications. Johar also does. I have used them extensively and have always found them to be a great alternative. As I stated in an earlier post there are a lot of very good grip makers out there. In the 70's I rode...
  19. Experiences with Ergo-Fit seat?

    Ninja 650R Accessories
    I have ridden on Corbin seats/ saddles since the early 90's and their customer service is great. I rode my "basically stock" Better grips, cruise control laminar lip windshield addition and a Standard Corbin Gunfighter Solo seat on my 99' & 05' ZRX1100 & 1200R and My 01' ZR7S with a Corbin...
  20. Flush mount front signals

    ZR-7 Accessories
    Where'd you get yours ? I really would like to install some on my 7S too. Are your rear signals LED's too ? If so please tell more on your "conversion".
1-20 of 197 Results