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    Group Rides & Events
    I don't thik they'll be a problem find places to stay. The only problem I can think of would be trying to get the attendence that we'd like to see. They way I see it, the more the merrier. We're still going to have fun, even if only 10-12 of us show up . but can you imagine seeing 50-100...

    Group Rides & Events
    Long Trip Alex, Your point is a good one and we are currently working on some way for the riders coming from the far corners of the US to either meet up with other riders nearby or a person close by that has a trailer. We haven't worked out all of the logisitics yet but we are as concerned...

    Group Rides & Events
    Martin, I think that as we get a little closer to the event we will have more interest. For some people, planning a ride that's late into next year is just not practical. But, It would be nice to see some more interest.

    Group Rides & Events
    I'm glad to see that there is some serious interest here. I plan to be at this rally/ride and hope that we can get as many Naked bikes there as possible. If we make this a big enough event the manufacturers will have to recognize the passion we have for these particular types of bikes and...

    Group Rides & Events
    There appears to be enough interest here that I will keep everyone updated. I think those that had negetive comments have a great deal of "manufacturer-bias". There will always be some out there.

    Group Rides & Events
    Hey Gang, There has been some buzz going on in some of the Naked Bike Owners Associations. I'm an Admin @ NSS and just wanted to pass this information along to friends and fellow Naked Bike owners. The details haven't been completely flushed out yet because we are trying to coordinate between...
  7. Tinted Shield vs Sunglasses

    Riding Gear
    Visor vs. Sunglasses This is a very good question. I wear pescription glasses that don't "auto-tint" so I use a light smoke tinted visor. This seems to work best for me given my situation.
  8. Crashed and paying the price....

    Daily Ride
    Those are dirt bike boots. Won't be very comfy on a street bike. These AlpineStars are good for casual street wear and these would work if you don't mind looking like Joe Racer. I have some these AlpineStars for when I want to go "play" and I have Frank Thomas Aqua Fores for when I'm just...
  9. Little Scary, Little Stupid

    Off Topic/Fun
    E-mail & Entry Spped Valgar, Sorry about that. I sent you an e-mail from my work account and CC'd my home account. When you send your resume do a "Reply All" so I can get it at both places. I knwo what you mean about entry speed. It's trying to fight off those Survival Reactions (too fast...
  10. Little Scary, Little Stupid

    Off Topic/Fun
    Job down South Valgar, If you don't mind moving down south to Northern LA (or Southern Ventura County) I might just be able to find a job for you. Our company is expanding and I want to move my position from one department (Engineering Services) to another (UNIX NetOps Products). We could...
  11. American Motorcycle Association

    Off Topic/Fun
    Thanks Thanks for reminding me. I wanted to join when I was talking about it with my Father-In-Law and it just slipped my mind. I just went to their site and joined up. I'm also a Member of the NHRA :D We have to protect the freedoms we still have (however restricted they may currently be)
  12. SpeedVision

    Off Topic/Fun
    Speed Channel I watch Speed for the Street Motorcycle stuff only. I'm not really into Auto/Plane/Boat racing or programs. Bike Week Motorcyclist WSB almost all the AMA stuff (Formula Extreme, Superbike, Supersport) If it has 2 wheels I usually like to check it out. Not much into Motocross...
  13. ZRX1200R vs. FZ-1

    ZRX Land
    Not Alone Fade, Thank You. I was beginning to think that I was the only person here defending the Mighty FZ-1. :D You're description of the ZRX is the same as I see it. Squatty, Square Headlight Retro Bike. I like modern technology. Tomek, I agree, the differences between the performance...
  14. ZRX1200R vs. FZ-1

    ZRX Land
    Short = Kawi - Tall - Yami Being 6'2" tall. The FZ is the perfect height for my 36" inseam. No problems reaching the ground. Even with my Corbin (which adds about an inch). I certainly know that I passed a few ZRXs today on my ride with fellow FZ-1 owners. Even the slow Silver one among...
  15. ZRX1200R vs. FZ-1

    ZRX Land
    RC51 ? Twyla, Doesn't your husband have an RC51 ? I think he could take me on that, being that it's a pure sport bike and all. But if he's on a ZRX . . I'll take that bet :~ He might get me but it would be close, and I'd have fun trying :) This is fun. I'm usually at the FZ1 forum, but...
  16. ZRX1200R vs. FZ-1

    ZRX Land
    Not Heat but Photon Push Matt, It's not that the Silver bike will heat up any faster, it's that the photon energy bouncing off the silver (rather than part or all of it being absorbed by other colors). As long as most of the silver is not on the front of the bike (which based on most designs...
  17. Rode a TL1000R today

    Sportbike Spot
    Thanks Jason, Thanks for the heads up. It will be just in time enough for me to get my next bike (can only buy 1 bike a year . . wife's rule).
  18. ZRX1200R vs. FZ-1

    ZRX Land
    Re: Hmmmm That's actually me in one of the new Laker warm-ups, The back is yellow and purple. Very sweet looking. That was right before the Lakers spanked the Spurs the first time. Those are with stock bikes. I did the analysis with my modded FZ and CrazeeCooters modded ZRX. That would...
  19. ZRX1200R vs. FZ-1

    ZRX Land
    Man vs. Machine Exactly, I was using the Motorcycle Analyzer to take out all the rider variables. I mean, I haven't heard of anyone actually get a 10.44 Quarter mile on the FZ, but Motorcyclist has it doing a 10.57. That's pretty close my numbers and you have to consider that they are...
  20. ZRX1200R vs. FZ-1

    ZRX Land
    FZ vs. ZRX CrazeeCooter, Looks like you and him/her both need to go check out Ivan's Performance Products like I did for my FZ. I haven't had a chance to dyno it yet, but I've got a Slip-On and his Kit . . estimated HP is about 131 hp +/- 1-3 HP from what I've heard. I'm looking for a place...
1-20 of 128 Results