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  1. ROTR 2016 How was it?

    ROTR (Ride On The Ridge)
    Sounds like fun. Wish I could have made it. TJ
  2. Chain cleaning with diesel?

    General ZR-7
    Thanks for all the responses and helpful tips. I will go ahead and get some diesel from the gas pump, though over here in Georgetown(Southeast Asia) they refer to gas as "petrol". I used a product called Rock Oil as the chain lube. It's a blue foamy liquid and seemed to work well but is real...
  3. Chain cleaning with diesel?

    General ZR-7
    Anyone here cleaned their motorcycle chain with diesel? I've been wanting to clean mine but just haven't seen any kerosene around...
  4. Post your ZR pictures - pics here

    General ZR-7
    Thanks for the pics! Is the 2nd last picture from the bottom taken at the Old Faithful Lodge?
  5. Tire opinion/experience

    General ZR-7
    Wow... that's cheap, Shinko Raven-cheap!
  6. kobi's Z updated..

    General Z1000/Z750
    Haha...thanks for clearing that up, but six-packs in the bag pack. Can't be too safe.
  7. Oem luggage rack - what side cases?

    General ZR-7
    I did enjoy the two side cases (e21) on my zr-7. Having hard luggage just makes the bike so much more usable. I also had the E45 which was only used for road trips and not for regular commuting on the bike. I had wanted two side cases for my current ride but then decided to go with a large top...
  8. Oem luggage rack - what side cases?

    General ZR-7
    My current ride has a 40-liter top case setup and I much prefer it over the two side cases. Mainly because of the more usable space. So easy to pop the helmet into the box and not worry about it. If you're going the top case route, definitely go with at least one that will take your helmet (at...
  9. kobi's Z updated..

    General Z1000/Z750
    Nice pictures. Curious...where on the z can you store a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine?
  10. Oem luggage rack - what side cases?

    General ZR-7
    Any of the regular Givi square or rectangular type boxes will fit, but the newer ones that are specially "shaped" (v35) will not. When I had mine, I used the e21s and they worked fine. For my regular commuting, I'd just have the 2 side cases and left the 45 liter top box home most of the time...
  11. Kawasaki nowhere near the top seller

    General ZR-7
    I think part of the reason is that Kawasaki does not make scooters... I've never seen one.
  12. doesn't really matter, but...

    General Ninja 650R
    That's a lot of miles. Living in a state like California helps...
  13. Navigation on motorcycle rides. What are you using, what would you suggest for me

    3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    I use the same Garmin as Smash. I like that this unit has a 3.5mm audio out connector in addition to Bluetooth. It's easy and cheap to get a 3.5mm earphone if you need one and that's one of the reasons I like it. Didn't know that but now I do. Thanks!
  14. Picked up a new toy today, and it is green (sort of)

    Daily Ride
    Nice bike. One of the participants in last year's ROTR rides the same bike (MGluck). Are you keeping the ole' zr-7?
  15. Kawasaki nowhere near the top seller

    General ZR-7
    Here's an interesting piece on the top selling motorcycles in the world. Surprisingly Kawasaki is nowhere to be seen... You'd Probably Never Guess That This Is the World's Best-Selling Motorcycle Brand (HMC, HOG)
  16. i deleted all the expletives

    General Ninja 650R
    It's a sign from God that a shaft-driven bike must be bought.
  17. What's the BEST long-distance touring platform?

    Daily Ride
    Portland, Oregon. Good beer...good wine...shortlife.... Yay!
  18. What's the BEST long-distance touring platform?

    Daily Ride
    Some have already done that type of route on a Vespa or equivalent. :wink:
  19. New bike time for my wife. Any ideas?

    Daily Ride
    Oh, how about a Harley? One of the new models, a Street 500 or 750. I think they are targeting "young adults" with this model I'm thinking your wife probably falls into this demographic...
  20. Speedo & Odo question

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    I've noticed that the difference between the speedo and the gps speed varies. So Obo's explanation seems to make sense. In the almost 3 years I had the zr7, I think I had to replace the speedo wire 3 to 4 times and the speedo mechanism on the front wheel finally died during my trip out west...
1-20 of 475 Results