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  1. FILTER SHOOT OUT, Standard filter V K&N V DNA, z1000

    3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    Air filter update: I tried both. The BMC & K&N are not perfect fits. They do not, I repeat, do not drop in, like OEM. The OEM is the absolute best & perfect fit. Anyone, who says different, is lying. They are not good enough to make or install aircraft parts. They're dead. - Aviation Electrician...
  2. FILTER SHOOT OUT, Standard filter V K&N V DNA, z1000

    3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    BMC-Standard ... BMC-S I went, with the BMC standard air filter element because MOTOGP & WSBK uses the brand. I also read, that it flows more than K&N. The K&N air filter element is definitely a way better fit, way better made and way better quality but I'm giving BMC a chance. Keep in mind...
  3. Need Help Electrical Problem Starting Bike

    General ZR-7
    A battery can display 12, 13 or 14 volts, with a multimeter and not have the cranking amps (CA) to "Run" a vehicle or just amps, in short. If your instrument's lights didn't come, after multiply tries, you completely discharged the battery's current (I), your amperages. Prior components, before...
  4. LED Lights and Battery Issues

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    It is termed "residual voltage" and the electronic circuit has to have a fault, for the condition to occur. For example, a faulty switch, relay, fuse panel or aftermarket contacts are too close together, or improperly contained. That allows amperage distribution, where arching & sparking can...
  5. Best 1/4 mile times on Nk1?

    3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    Video not Showing
  6. Said goodbye to the Concours this morning,

    Concours 1400
    Don't Buy U.K MOTOS Why did you get the Triumph then? Everyone knows it isn't, what they say it is. Stick to mainstream reliable, like the Kawi GTR 1400 or Honda VFR. Triumph lost & doesn't enter GP racing for a reason, less skilled riders. :BS:
  7. went to the 1/8 mile track today!!

    Z1000 '07-'09 Accessories
    Stock N1K on TCS 1 60': 1.864 1/8 ET: 7.096 1/8 MPH: 103.93 Deciding whether to rev out 3rd or shift in-to 4th early. A 1.81 should produce a 6.991.
  8. Inherited a 2014 Ninja 1000, question about Akrapovic system installed

    4th Gen Z1000/Ninja 1000
    If you change your exhaust, especially to an AK, you will loose your tuning, emissions & MPG. A dealer can void your warranty & if it ever undergoes a real inspection, it fails. It wouldn't pass white collar or business. Then, you spend more money & time retuning it, dynos, more electronics &...
  9. Shifting from 1st into 2nd

    4th Gen Z1000/Ninja 1000
    Mine has the same problem too. Roll off the throttle a bit, before you shift. I don't clutch less shift from 1st to 2nd at all but from 2nd & there on, it works fine.
  10. Muffler weight

    4th Gen Z1000/Ninja 1000
    Emissions, there goes the planet. I would leave the stock mufflers on.
  11. Z1000 in PlayStation 4's "Ride"

    4th Gen Z1000/Ninja 1000
    Does anyone play motorcycle video games? "Ride" on PlayStation 4 has the Kawasaki 2014 Z1000, which is similar to the Ninja 1000. Power upgrades for the motorcycle include: 1. ECU - 1.8 hp/1.4 nm 2. BMC Air Filter - 1.8 hp/1.4 nm 3. Akrapovic - 4.9 hp/3.8 nm 4. Cylinder Head Porting 6.2 hp/4.8...
  12. Who's done spark plugs on their N1K?

    4th Gen Z1000/Ninja 1000
    About 7 minutes on a ZX9R, 1 minute & 30 seconds to remove tank. -10 minutes on a 350 & 370Z 6 cylinder. That's, with the plugs pre-gapped & tools laid out. To change plugs on an N1K, -10 minutes.
  13. Anyone race, amateur or pro?

    Sportbike Spot
    No. The only real track in Texas is Circuit of the Americas (COTA), where MOTOGP races only once per year. I go, every year & watch Rossi, Marquez, Lorenzo & Pedrosa. It's an F1 circuit as well. COTA is the best, in the U.S. It has the highest international certification. Other tracks are too...
  14. Do I Really Have To Change My Oil Every Year?

    Off Topic/Fun
    Once per year here.
  15. Engine building 101

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    I disagree. It takes more than know how. For example, mechanical engineering degree from Texas A&M University or a B.S in Engineering - Electronics might at times, just land a tech job or as a tech supervisor. For that, you have to pass, every math class. 2018 Kawasaki ZX-10RR 454.2 lbs...
  16. Sticky clutch

    4th Gen Z1000/Ninja 1000
    The first clunk, when putting in-to 1st gear is normal & so is, a little rattle, in neutral. It's pretty much a racing transmission, they make some noise. Checkout car videos of Japanese race cars, using R-Spec clutch kits & listen to the monstrosity, that they use.
  17. 2016 Ninja receives slipper clutch

    4th Gen Z1000/Ninja 1000
    Oh yeah, I have something to say about that. The previous ones don't have a slippery clutch & pull is heavy. It's good to hear, that KAWI upgraded & revised the clutch because it needed it. I had the hand pain, you know the one, from pulling it and I'm a grown man, bench 400 lbs., squat 500 lbs...
  18. Brake pads recommendation

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    I agree, stock is good; just apply more pressure & change them, when needed. The rotors are awesome, drilled & petal.
  19. Brake pads for Ninja 1000 ABS

    4th Gen Z1000/Ninja 1000
    I'm still on original pads, will probably stick to OEM. If or, when I decide to upgrade, I'll check, with WSBK & see, what brands they use on the ZX-10R & pick out a moderate daily street set. I know how to remove calipers & change pads front & rear, no problem. The air filter, I'm getting use...
  20. 03 z1000 cutting out and shutting off

    General Z1000/Z750
    I worked on voltage regulators for fighter jets, internal & external ones. I wired, soldered & repaired them internally. It looks, like it might have a visible heat sink, due to fin type; that or it's just plastic. You will have to check. Sometimes, when a person twists an old sub-harness or...
1-20 of 82 Results