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  1. Flying the Chair

    General Mean Streak
    Nice job!
  2. Been a while

    General Mean Streak
    Sure has. I don't check in a lot here either. Bike still looks good. I finally got my '02 running well, in case I didn't mention it. I can only say I must have messed up the timing because it didn't look right when I pulled the rockers, but it didn't run *that* badly, either. I was also...
  3. Blown head gasket suspect

    General Z1000/Z750
    Yep, pretty similar with my Mean Streak a few years ago, 2014 I think. Kept losing coolant, couldn't figure it out (don't have temp gauge, just a light). Finally I caught it in the act of peeing on the floor. Replacing the head gaskets seemed to do the trick, at least for that issue. The high...

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    I'm pretty sure that's it. It's not integrated with the master cylinder, it just uses the MC as a mounting point where the lever can hit it.
  5. Running Zeros

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    That's a new twist for sure. Looks kind of fun, though.

    General Mean Streak
    I check in, but not often any more. Not a lot of the old crowd here.

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    Gadget's Page has instructions, there's a link there to https://chucksterscustoms.com/ who makes them, $20.
  8. 2003 mean streak clutch replacement

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    There's nothing in the service manual about ordering the friction and steel plates, just alternating. The torque limiter spring placement is very important though so be careful with them. It's easy for them to slip and get bent when tightening the clutch nut if they're not stuck together and on...
  9. 2002 Meanie issues

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    Removing the solenoids will only affect the idle. You may have to pull the fast-idle knob a bit to keep it going when cold, but once warmed up with the idle set correctly there should be no issue.
  10. 2004 Meanie Oil Leak - Need Help

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    The clutch rod seal is still a possibility. I'd clean the bottom end up real good to help track new oil leaking without all the existing grunge. One trick might be to add some UV dye to your oil and run it for a bit, then shine a blacklight under there to see if you can narrow it down.
  11. 2002 Mean Streak 1500 whining Noise from Fuel Tank

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    Usually it's described as a "whistle" and it can be stopped, though I've honestly never noticed it on either of mine. https://gadgetsfixitpage.com/article.php/whistle-stop
  12. Stripped screw

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    I used a small screw extractor (aka "easy-out") from the local hardware store. The hex screw is a good idea, if you don't do that you'll want to pick up a JIS screwdriver if you don't already have one. It'll fit the cross screws better than a Phillips.
  13. Starter button quit working

    General ZR-7
    Just an idea, but try cleaning the switch contacts with some steel wool and alcohol. I had a similar issue with my horn (on the Mean Streak it's an identical switch type) and it turned out to just be making poor contact.
  14. Ordered spare keys, recommend the website if you need some

    General Mean Streak
    Yep, depends on the locksmith. There's a guy in town that I've used a couple of times, he has the blanks and cuts 2 keys from the originals for $4-5 each and they work great.
  15. cheapo spike intake install / fix

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    Blocking the reed valves won't affect starting but removing the solenoids will. The only thing the solenoids do is add air, controlled by the ECU based on the temp sensors, to the TB to raise the idle. You may need to pull the fast-idle knob (there is no choke) to compensate depending on the...
  16. Mean Streak Floorboards

    Mean Streak Accessories
    With the Nomad boards I have no shift lever change was needed.
  17. 2003 vn1500-p2 Mean Streak Overheating?

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    A couple of things. Make sure you have adequate coolant since the temp sensors depend on it. I never had my temp light come on even though the coolant was boiling in the reservoir, but a loss of pressure could contribute to your issue also. Radiator cap should be tested, and it could even be...
  18. Oil consumption after spike intake install

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    The large host supplies air to the reed valves, I did exactly the same thing and didn't have any issue. The small breather (the one that's actually the crankcase breather) could do that if it was blocked, but not the large one. There's information on marbling the host here, which is basically...
  19. Fire & Steel/Kawasaki light bar K32001-007 Installation Instructions?

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    To install the bar, you sandwich it between the headlight bracket and lower triple tree. It might be easier to remove the gauges also, I think that's what I did. Mine was used and kind of beat up so I ended up replacing the switch and wiring, but I think there's only one electrical connection...
  20. Bike studdering during mid throttle

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    Also temp sensors, especially if the around-the-neighborhood rides don't get it fully warmed up.
1-20 of 495 Results