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  1. If you have had your bike on a Dyno

    General Mean Streak
    Please respond with the air to fuel ratio your tuner used with your PC3 or PC 5. My tuner set the ratio at 13.5 to 1 and I'm not happy with the gas mileage, i can still hear the dexcel backfire. I'm sure the factory setting is much leaner. I need to find out what your ratio is set to. Thanks in...
  2. Workshop manual

    General Ninja 650R
  3. Coolant reservoir empty

    General Mean Streak
    I had a similar issue. Dont forget to tighten the radiator hose clamps. Mine were loose now my overflow tank hasn't changed since I drained and refilled with new coolant
  4. TERRIBLE MPG, '06 with FC3, V&H Pipes, Caddman Air Mod

    General Mean Streak
    I also noticed poor gas mileage. Here is what I found if I warmed the bike up after starting by high idle then low idle around 5 minutes my gas mileage improved roughly 10 miles per gallon from cold start. I am guessing the reason why is that the intake is no longer getting preheated air from...
  5. Which Black aftermarket exhaust should I choose?

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    Mine came with the black 2 into one sideburners. I added demon cycle 4 inch baffles love the sound and less deceleration back fire
  6. Hard Krome side burner exhaust

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    I love the look and new sound from my side burners after installing damon cycle 4 inch baffles
  7. Exhaust issues...

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    I purchased these and modified one to a shorter length for the back cylinder. My buddy welded them in there is no room for a button or bolt. I also changed my pc111 kap to the zero map with minor increase across the torque range starting at 2250 rpm and ending at 3250 rpm. I have minimal...
  8. wind screen

    Cruiser Corner
    I just purchased a drop top Memphis shades windshield it looks cool and actually works as advertised. The wind buffeting has disappeared the windshield is designed to shoot the wind up the outside face of the shieldand over my head. It works
  9. Stock Seat

    Mean Streak For Sale/Trade
    I might be interested in swapping if you have the passenger seat too
  10. Summer: how do u beat the heat?

    Riding Gear
    I tend to stop at McDonalds and I bring in my 1 gallon ziplock bag. While I'm getting my power aid i also fill up my bag with ice . Instant cool good for a while until the next pit stop.
1-10 of 10 Results