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  1. Should I repair cobra drag pipes with heat wrap?

    General Mean Streak
    Thanks for the advice guys. I purchased the same pipes I had when I got the bike. I got cobra drag pipes for about 320 off amazon. The gaskets were more expensive than I expected, 20 for 2 of them from the stealership. I was able to install them myself. The estimate I kept getting online...
  2. Should I repair cobra drag pipes with heat wrap?

    General Mean Streak
    I contact Cobra, they didn't have the heat shield. I will try going through my dealer, but if that doesn't work I am leaning towards getting a new set of pipes. Probably the same ones I have.
  3. Should I repair cobra drag pipes with heat wrap?

    General Mean Streak
    I have a 2003 Mean Streak, which may have been piped shortly after its initial purchase (I've only owned the bike 5 years). The exhaust has 2 heat shields, one on each pipe. One of the heat shields came off, and I haven't ridden it for about 2 months now. I have been meaning to investigate...
  4. Mean Streak vs Other Bikes Comparisons Please

    General Mean Streak
    Hi, I am interested in how the meanie compares to the newer 1700s, particularly the nomad, vaquero, and possibly venture. I read that the 1500/1600 meanie handled worlds above the others in the 1500/1600 classes, I am wondering how they compare to the 1700s. Also, if anyone wants to chime in...
  5. Horsepower improvement from adding Chuckster intake to Cobra 2-2 pipes and FI2000

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    I have one of the oldest FI2000, it has 2 pots instead of 3. I bought the bike with that on it as well as a cobra 2-2 exhaust, I believe they are drag pipes. From what I understand there isn't much difference in tuning for various intakes / exhaust, although there is a little. Probably not...
  6. New Avon's a bit early, or wait?

    General Mean Streak
    I don't ride if its raining, I always check the weather first. I don't really push the bike. Most of the time I am not riding on twisties, but I thought the dual compound tire would be nice if I was. I spent some time reading about it again, and I am going back and forth on whether or not...
  7. New Avon's a bit early, or wait?

    General Mean Streak
    I am running Shinko 009 Raven tires. I believe I will be able to get another season out of them. From what I understand, the Avon Storm II's are no longer being manufactured in the size we need for our meanies. Should I see if I can still get Avon Storm Ultra 2's while I still have a chance...
  8. WTB Backrest.

    Mean Streak For Sale/Trade
    PM Sent
  9. Hi-way pegs,

    Mean Streak For Sale/Trade
    I'll take them if they're 1 1/4", unless njcwc wants them
  10. WTB Chuckster Intake

    Mean Streak For Sale/Trade
    On the off chance someone is thinking about selling their Chuckster intake, I thought I'd post asking for it before buying one.
  11. chuckster intake

    General Mean Streak
    I'm interested in doing my intake and this seems like a good solution. I'm going back and forth between using a dog bowl and using some sort of cover. The classic cover looks good but it seems like the path of least resistance may be the dog bowl. If I put the classic cover on I think I'd be...
  12. Brake Light Switch

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    Well just like you guys suggested, all I had to do was rotate the nut at the end of the switch. I wasn't sure how much to turn it, so I turned it a bit and it worked, then I turned it a bit more for good measure. Hopefully this thread can help someone else with the same issue. Thanks!
  13. Brake Light Switch

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    I didn't have much time but I looked at it quick before I rode to work today. The spring is attached, but must not have the appropriate tension. If I pull on the spring, the light will work again, so I am assuming I need to do what you suggested. Do I need a wrench to turn the plastic...
  14. Brake Light Switch

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    I realized my brake light wasn't working properly and suspected it was the bulb. It turns out both parts of the bulb are lit up. My friend played around with the switch near the right driver's peg, and it was able to get the light to work properly, although it did not stay like that. Has...
  15. Gauge Mode Button Stuck

    General Mean Streak
    Alright, it turned out my gauge might just be finicky. I found the following in the mechanic's manual: • Check that the display [B] changes to the ODO, TRIP, and CLOCK displays each time the mode select button [A] is pushed. • If the display doesn’t change in the order specified, replace the...