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  1. First Bike?

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    Suzuki does sell a fairing. Just go to the web site for the SV-650S ( http://www.suzukicycles.com/sr_02/sportstreet/fs_sv650s.htm ) and click on the Accessories button. Nice PDF file and a picture is on the front page.
  2. First Bike?

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    So get it with the full fairing. A genuine suzuki option and color-matched. That and a seat cowl and it looks like a sportsbike. Or how about the Yamaha YZF600R? The 2003's are out and I think the silver/black paint job is beautiful...
  3. First Bike?

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    What about the SV-650S? More juice than the ZR-7S and nearly 100 pounds lighter. It's not necessarily my recomendation for a first bike (but then neither is the ZR-7S), but it's far less dangerous than a Gixxer.
  4. Brosh Cool K Jacket

    Riding Gear
    As a happy owner of a JR Meteor 3.0 and matching gloves, I wanted to get a Phoenix for warm weather riding. However, they are just polyester (Poly shell? the label says 100% polyester). So basically the only protection is padding and some armor. Of course, these warm weather jackets aren't much...
  5. Now an exhaust question

    ZR-7 Performance Upgrades
    Which Yosh? There web site doesn't list one specific to the ZR-7 or 7S.
  6. O Grammy Voters, Where Art Thou?

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  7. Yamaha FZ-1

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    Beautiful! Simply beautiful. I'd never ride a bike when I could ride that.
  8. Just kicking around some ideas...

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    Take what Andy said, and what Emrah said, smash 'em together, and you've got the perfect reply. Take the ZR-7 to the track a time or two and see if you like it. If you do, then you will definitely want separate bikes for the track and your daily ride. Bang the hell out of the former; dazzle and...
  9. The sky has fallen...

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    This is just an 883 Sportster with an Orange paint job and some black pieces. I'll agree it looks nice. Heck, I think the regular Sportster looks nice. They were introduced in 1957, and I think it's the same engine. :) Seriously, the Sportster's been around forever, and has always been the...
  10. LA Motorcycle Show was Pretty Neat

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    Mike, that's why I made the comment I did. I know the published weights are similar, so I was very surprised at how different they felt despite those published weights. The 620 felt pretty light, the other Monsters all felt heavy. Maybe part of it was expectation. For example, I knew the Speed...
  11. LA Motorcycle Show was Pretty Neat

    Group Rides & Events
    I went on Sunday. Got there just before 11:00. It wasn't to crowded and I was able to sit on any bike I wanted, with almost no waiting. I find it amazing how different bikes can feel when you sit on them. Even if their published weight might make you feel otherwise. For example, with the...
  12. Tennessee Vols Suck!

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    It's the avatar!! Not only are the Huskers going to the Rose Bowl, SO AM I! Bought two tickets this morning. Thanks, LSU!
  13. Buell Firebolt XB9R

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    I think it's pretty cool looking myself. It also appears to be very well-engineered (i.e., they didn't do things different just to be different, but rather for a specific, desired reult). Looks like the early press reviews are starting to trickle in...
  14. Another option for the ZR forum if you guys want it,

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    I'm with Andy. The less scrolling I have to do, the better. It doesn't seem to provide any real benefit for its given real estate.
  15. Daytona Centennial

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    After seeing this for the first time, it looked like a 2001 955i painted a special color. As it turns out, it's the new 2002 body and engine, but with the single-sided swingarm that Daytona fans are up in arms about Trimph leaving behind. Seems like a little bit of the best of both worlds...