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  1. Free: used dented/repaired ZR-7 gas tank, rear fender and stock can

    ZR-7 For Sale/Trade
    They are not pretty (the tank has a dent that was repaired by, um, me; 'nuff said), the fender is scratched but otherwise ok, so if you need them, they're yours. The fender on the picture is a bit dirty, I'll be nice and clean it up before giving away :) I'm in Mountain View, CA, locals are...
  2. ZR7 parts for sale (tank, fairing, mufflers)

    ZR-7 For Sale/Trade
    Hello, I have some parts for sale from my old bike (00 ZR7, naked): tank (CA version), in pretty sad cosmetic shape, mostly due to results of my own repairs, but functional ($50) rear fairing, some scratches/cracks ($30), Jardine RT-One slip-on muffler - used, but in perfect condition...
  3. Insulting

    General ZR-7
    Some magazines are better than others.. The Z750 review in Motorcycle Consumer News (the only moto-mag I'm subscribed to) was very positive. Excellent magazine, I'd recommend it to anyone: http://www.mcnews.com/mcn/ (yes, it's in black and white and there are no ads!) Dmitri
  4. Removed EGR + Black box, won't start

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    No, it was that I finally recovered from the half an hour of laughing to go plug some hoses.. Now that explains a lot! Especially that phantom rattle from the fairing which I don't have =) Happy to report, the beast is indeed heavily modified now, with the hose plugged and black box removed...
  5. Removed EGR + Black box, won't start

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    Mwahaha! I laughted for about half an hour after reading this.. OK, I'm (almost) fine now, off to heavily modifying my beast by plugging a few hoses.. Dmitri
  6. Factory shop manual on ebay

    General ZR-7
    Yep, I still have it..
  7. Factory shop manual on ebay

    General ZR-7
    I have a '01 ZR7S service manual, and I'll give it out for free (plus the cost of shipping)..
  8. Brake lines

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    I second molebaby on that (I changed mines to Gafter before taking CLASS school three months ago). Makes all the difference in the brake feel.
  9. bike weight

    ZR-7 Performance Upgrades
    I find that the limiting factor to going fast on zr (besides the rider, of course =) is not weight, but ground clearance. Although some don't mind scratching footpegs (the feelers are long gone), I really don't like the feeling..
  10. Leather boots and pants for sale

    General For Sale / Trade
    I have some stuff for sale: - Kawasaki leather pants, size 34 Pants pic $120 plus shipping - Prexports sport boots, red, size 8 Boots pic $80 plus shipping Both items are new, never worn.
  11. hesitation gone

    ZR-7 Performance Upgrades
    Heh, me too, bought the bike after reading about it on InteractiveMotorcycling.. I guess I've just adjusted to the hesistation, just rev it a bit higher when I take off. It's like with my car, which has a turbo lag, you get used to keep it past 3k to get any decent power.
  12. Push starting the bike is no fun

    Daily Ride
    Yeah, I had to push my old CX500 for quite a while once, it's no fun. Speaking about looking for keys.. Another story with my old bike was that once I rode it to work, and when I stopped at our parking and tried to turn the key to stop the engine, the key wasn't there! The key hole was pretty...
  13. Back from a long absense

    Daily Ride
    Thanks for your responses! Ces, it's pretty easy =) (I play left halfback) The ground was almost frozen (February, 8am game), the boots didn't bite too well, so I my foot slipped from under me when I was trying to stop and kick the ball at the same time, and landed on my right hand extended...
  14. Back from a long absense

    Daily Ride
    Hey there, glad to be back after almost a year absense. I've managed to break my wrist playing soccer last February, and it was diagnosed about four months later (I thought it was just a strain, but it was rather painful so I was unable to ride).. Then I wore a cast for a month, then they had...
  15. Pictures I have taken lately.

    Sportbike Spot
    Andy, those are some beautiful shots! Some panoramics are just breathtaking. You're sooo great at seeing stuff!