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  1. New ninja 1000 abs rider

    The Training Ground - New Riders!
    I am not sure about removing the existing tumbler without doing any damage. There may be a way but I do not know of it. Good luck on the bike and keep us posted.
  2. I have some interest in a 2006 Kawasaki ZZR600, but is carbs a problem? Thank you.

    Sportbike Spot
    I had a 94 ZX9R for many years and now a 2016 N1K. I actually like the carbs more. I did have to learn how to clean and sync them. But once you do, they are smoother and more confidence building than electronic means. I say go for it and watch some youTube videos. Guitar string to clean the...
  3. New ninja 1000 abs rider

    The Training Ground - New Riders!
    Yes they can. There is a series of inserts that go into the tumblers that can be used to match your keys. John Long has a video showing you how. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9neu1Y1wFEw&feature=youtu.be
  4. Z750 04 Oil Light comes on after engine warms up

    General Z1000/Z750
    Most likely you have to burp the oil filter. You crack open the oil filter just a tad and you will hear air escape. Then you should be good to go. This is common in the N1K.