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  1. Would You Pick Up Your Neighbor's Bike If It Fell Over?

    Daily Ride
    I came home home and saw my neighbor's Yamaha V-Max in the parking lot laid out on its side. I'm thinking it fell because he had a cover on and the wind was blowing 30+ mph. I don't know this neighbor's name and I don't where he lives, so I wasn't able to reach him. I decided to leave the...
  2. Bandit Top Heavy

    General Bandit Chat
    LOL I was trying to be considerate to my neighbors and keep the engine noise to a minimum as I park, which is why I had it in 2nd. I figure once I get to my spot, then I can downshift to 1st. Again, I unknowingly clicked down to neutral and didn't have what it took to pull the bike back up...
  3. Bandit Top Heavy

    General Bandit Chat
    I had the misfortune of laying down my brand new 09 Bandit 1250SA. It happened at very slow speed as I was parking my bike, but the impact caused a few noticeable scratches to the crankshaft cover, left fairing and plastic of mirror. Fortunately, no parts are broken and the marks are only...
  4. Naked Bandit 1250 or B-King

    General Bandit Chat
    It's going to take a lot more than mere impulse to seperate me from my purchase of the Bandit. :) I'm waiting for my Bandit to be serviced by the recall, but in the meantime I noticed the same dealership selling a used, performance tuned B-King for the same price as a new 09 Bandit ABS. It...
  5. Naked Bandit 1250 or B-King

    General Bandit Chat
    The B-King is claimed to be the naked version of the Hayabusa. It's categorized as a standard, naked bike, but does that make the B-King the luxury version in the Bandit 1250 class? Is it built for touring, such as the Bandit 1250S?
  6. Purchasing New 2009 Bandit 1250SA

    General Bandit Chat
    The recall is due to a problem in the electrical system. Worst case scenario, if the module overheats, it makes it difficult for the bike to start up. I figure Suzuki thought it was a minor problem, until it was reported by the NHTSA. 73,000+ units were recalled. You can read a little bit...
  7. why not a 250?

    The Training Ground - New Riders!
    250 is for beginners and experienced riders Looking through the comments, I've noticed some common themes regarding the 250: Bragging Rights If you believe that riding a 250 makes you any less of a rider, then try starting your motorcycling journey similar to mine. I started riding 10 years...
  8. New Clutch and Gear Lever Cost

    General Bandit Chat
    Yea, it sounds excessive, but are you sure it's just the levers that need replacement? Did you drop the bike, or did the bike take a spill? :-P Even at 40k miles, the levers should be fine. Rarely does the gearbox lever need to be replaced, without replacing other internal component. Ask the...
  9. Purchasing New 2009 Bandit 1250SA

    General Bandit Chat
    I purchased a new Bandit and hitting the forums to find and share info. I'm still waiting for my bike to be released from the dealership, due to the recent big bike recall. In the meantime, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Thinking about buying a new Bandit? Suzuki currently has a...
  10. Bandit recall

    General Bandit Chat
    Reflectors? Must be a different recall or specific to Canada. There's currently a major recall in the U.S. due to electrical problems. Click here to view more details about the recall I'm currently in the process of purchasing a 2009 Bandit 1250SA, but the dealership can't release it until...