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  1. Yamaha Stratoliner

    Cruiser Corner
    Lol lee .
  2. Yamaha Stratoliner

    Cruiser Corner
    It's not lowed . Bad part on a Stratoliner its drags to easy . When going around curves to fast the whole lane has to be used or you would find your self in trouble with a sharp lean .
  3. Thunder Beach Rally Spring 2016 in Panama City Beach

    General Mean Streak
    Well the final count down is on !! By the way I'm Keith that diamond Jim mentions .
  4. Yamaha Stratoliner

    Cruiser Corner
    Can't find a new member area so I'll say a little . Been on bikes since 4 years old . Present time I'm on a 2007 Stratoliner . A buddy of mine is a member on this form " y'all know him as diamond Jim . Here is a few pictures of my bike .