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  1. 2014 Mileage Thread

    Daily Ride
    Impressive as usual. I think I have 20-25 miles on my bike this year.
  2. Just bought the house!!!

    Off Topic/Fun
    Congrats! I did a 5 year ARM to start and got a good rate as that wound down. At the time I started at 5%. 3.65% is good.
  3. The stigma remains

    Off Topic/Fun
    That's exactly it. Normal people make for boring TV.
  4. sigh... leaves started to yellow

    Off Topic/Fun
    Still in the 90s in Houston. This is our off season.
  5. 1st Leaked photo of 2014 Z1000

    4th Gen Z1000/Ninja 1000
    I don't know, I am just not feeling it. I still like the clean look of my 03, but I know I am biased (and trying not to spend more money)
  6. Broke down and bought a cage...

    Off Topic/Fun
    It is practically a bike... Kidding, but it is a good choice. Based off the Lotus Elise, it is hard to go wrong.
  7. 2014 KAWASAKI Z1000

    4th Gen Z1000/Ninja 1000
    I am not sure how I feel about this one...
  8. penisland

    Off Topic/Fun
    Wow, no one put that together, or they thought it was funny enough to keep.
  9. ZRX1200 type

    General Z1000/Z750
    I don't think I have ever seen one set up that way. Pretty dang cool!
  10. Paralyzed but back to riding again!

    Daily Ride
    Wow, how did I miss this the first go! Awesome story, Brian!
  11. New member with bike pics

    Daily Ride
    Beauty of a GT. I also have the Kawi/Mustang combo.
  12. Lube your locks!!!

    Daily Ride
    I agree on the graphite. My tank lock is really stiff on my Z, but it is almost 10 years old and I need to get some in there.
  13. An Awesome Sight To See After Work...

    Daily Ride
    Ouch!! What a crud way to end the day.
  14. Twinkies on Endagered Species List

    Off Topic/Fun
    Sad. I feel like I should go buy a mess of em.