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  1. Rode an impressive bike yesterday

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    Sounds like a good plan. You can get a 12r slightly used for$6-7k.
  2. I had to do it.

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    Another convert. Come on over...3500 members http://zrxoa.org/forums/
  3. Rode an impressive bike yesterday

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    Go for the ZX12, I love mine. My Dad, age 60, and I did 4000 miles in 8 days last summer on a pair of ZX12R's.(link to pics .Bike Trip ) Absolutely love 'em. You canget a leftover for cheap, we paid $9150 a year ago this week on '00 models. There are still a few '00 and several '01s out there...
  4. ZR-7 Bar Clamps

    ZR-7 Accessories
    Hmmm, If I recall they were about $50 when I ordered , but that was 2 yrs ago. Stock lines were enough on the ZRX. Otherwise it's a good excuse to upgrade to stainless braided lines;)
  5. ZR-7 Bar Clamps

    ZR-7 Accessories
    Got the Gen-Mar risers on the ZRX along with one of these clamps. They should be the same for the ZR7, the clamp is the same. http://www.zianet.com/GenMar/ Look under ZRX1100
  6. Top 8 Moron's of the Year

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    Then there was the guy who robbed a liquor store. After getting the cash he told the clerk to give him a bottle ofbooze off the shelf. The clerk refused saying he wasn't old enough, to which the robber pulled out his drivers license for proof....The cops picked him up at home an hour later. Duh!
  7. Super Bowl....

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    WOO HOO!!!! I won $500 on my numbers(0-7) Gotta love it!!!!:D :~
  8. This Might Be Good-Bye

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    Figures, Ruby traded a EX250 in on her ZR7. They are fun to wail on though. But for $2500, heck they're only $3K new. I think she got $1800 for hers in the same condition, 1 yr old, stock, 2600 miles. For 2500 bones I'd be looking for an early CBR600F1 or F2. You can find 'em pretty cheap, under...
  9. Ducati Monster 900

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    My buddy Dean got a new S4 this fall(Sept) Here's a pic of me taking it for a spin. Nice bike, power comparable to my ZRX1100. Wheelies and handles nice too. I couldn't push it very hard 'cause the road was damp from a shower but I really like it overall. Looking forward to another ride on it in...
  10. Communications systems?

    ZR-7 Accessories
    Sounds like you need Autocom http://www.autocom.co.uk/ If I remember correctly it uses any radio or CB, kinda pricey though. Look under "kits" I've used Collett communicators for several years and absolutely love them, but they're only gonna work with other Colletts...
  11. ZRX1100

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    LOL, what a small world. Ruby's last bike was a 250 Ninja also. ZRX's, ZR7's, Baby Ninja's, full on hyperbikes...gotta love it:cool:
  12. Riding Pants

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    Try a new Joe Rocket Ballistic pants(in a ladies small of course). My wife wears a 7 and the med was way tight, had to go to a large, which is way large but she can get a pair of sweats under 'em. If true to form(pun intended) the small should be a 2-3. My 15 yr old daughter wears a 4 and the...
  13. ZRX1100

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    Twyla, Corbin will take the seat back and fix it but you may be better off to order a new one and sell the old one on the ZRX board classified. Just a thought, Corbin turn around is notoriously slow. What!? Give her the Rex?!? Are you nuts? I love my Rex. And I already went and got something...
  14. Considering FZ1

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    Good for you Stan. You got what you wanted, that is the most important thing. There's a Fizzy board out there and a guy named Jinks that makes some nice parts for it. Enjoy.
  15. Most Influential Rider

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    For me it's dear old Dad. He used to race MX. DT Yamahas around '69-'74, until I got old enough. Now he's 60 and rides a ZX12R. We made a trip to Deals Gap in May and another out to Yellowstone and beyond this summer. Dad's the tall one (6'4") on the right. Proof that once your over the...