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  1. Employment Options

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    Move south! No snow, not too much ice. And if there is ice, NO WORK! Cost of living is cheaper. You can ride 12 months out of the year. (Girls are also sweeter in Texas Triple, of course that is my own opinion.) TB
  2. Decisions...

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    Just don't get too colorful with the suit. Black looks good and will work with any future bikes (and crimes scenes). Oh...... and stay away from the ones with the little footies enclosed. (just kidding) TB
  3. Decisions...

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    Go for the gear Triple. Nothing looks better than guys in leathers. They not only look good but they keep you safe also.
  4. How many here ride as couples?

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    My hubby and I ride. It's been almost 2 year now. We have the same bikes we started with. Mine is a ZR7s and he has an FZ1.
  5. Rode a GSX1300R today

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    I know quite a few people that bought Zrex's and FZ1 for their first bikes and they have done fine. They are all 30 and up though. One of our close friends bought a Busa 3 years ago and now has 47000 miles on it and it was his first bike. He's never had an accident or dropped it. It's not...
  6. How Fast Are You?

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    First time .33. Then consistently .27. Triple, where do you find this stuff? It was funny.
  7. It's my dad's birthday...

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    You should let him.
  8. Why did you buy your ZR?

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    I always love Fade's answers.....I also bought mine cause it was red. It seems like every bike out there last year was blue! The engine size was ideal for me. It was a great price for a starter bike. I really like the design of the bike. I thought I had made up my mind to buy a 500 Ninja...
  9. How Old are You?

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    I'm 31. No grey hair or bald spots yet. I hear grey hair can sneak up on you though, so I won't be suprised. (edited for Bowman)
  10. Good boots?

    Riding Gear
    Chris look at SIDI sympatex boots. Mine are 100% waterproof. They are very comfortable, and safe. They are a little over $200 though. I think about $250. My husband and I both have had SIDI's for over a year now and they are still in great shape. My husband has some that were around $150...
  11. Seen the new '02 R1 yet?

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    I love that bike!!!!! I want that bike!!!!! I've seen two here in Houston in just a week! I taped that same picture of it on my ZR7 last week to see if my husband would notice. He took it off and put it on his FZ1. Then he stuck a picture of his FZ1 on my bike. What a smart ***.
  12. Art of the Motorcycle

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    I saw it too. Very nice. I loved the old Indians. Las Vegas was a great place to see it. It was great to have something we liked there other than just gambling. We didn't take the tour either, it was all blue hairs and moving very slowly. We did buy the book. It had lots of good info.
  13. Hello again!

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    Hey Chad! Congrats on the new bike. Very nice choice. I hope you are enjoying it. Damn, it's been a long time since we've heard from you. Welcome back! TB
  14. Color

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    I like yellow, but I can agree that would probably get old. The silver looks great. I think I would choose silver. Silver would not show scratches or spider webs in the paint. I thought you were getting a less expensive bike to save money. If you get the Daytona, I just might have to test...
  15. MotoGP2 for Playstation 2

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    We have a 7ft by 9ft screen on our wall for movies and games. My husband has that game so now all our friends with bikes come over on the weekends to play and won't leave! They play for hours! I do have to admit it is a cool game. You can replay your race afterwards and it shows it at...