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  1. Found a good way to banish exhaust leaks

    General Mean Streak
    Luckily I still have the unfinished project sitting in my garage.
  2. Fitting High Bars to the VN1600 Meanstreak

    General Mean Streak
    Nope. Apes is going to require new cables.
  3. Bucking under heavy acceleration

    General Mean Streak
    Pick up a bottle of Seafoam. Add some to the gas and run a full tank through the injectors. Use some of the Seafoam and clean the throttle body. Here's a how to. https://gadgetsfixitpage.com/article.php/throttle-body-cleaning
  4. Bucking under heavy acceleration

    General Mean Streak
    Could be a few things. Clutch starting to go, dirty air filter, bad gas, clogged injectors, low oil (doubtful), etc. Start with the simple basic stuff and work your way from there.
  5. Space Between Exaust Pipes

    General Mean Streak
    Kinda hard to tell from the angle in that pic but for the most part they look ok. BTW, those are straightshots.
  6. Space Between Exaust Pipes

    General Mean Streak
    Post a pic. Which model pipes? It may just be the heat shields need adjustment and not the mounting hardware. Also, you don't need to post it in multiple threads. It's not going to gain you any friends and with only five sub-forums for the meanie, it's hard to miss a new thread.
  7. Low and Mean chin scoop

    Mean Streak For Sale/Trade
    Needs a price.
  8. lets see yor lid

    General Mean Streak
    So ... soo ... sooooo many things wrong here. I'm just going to chalk it up to a troll.
  9. Mean Streak Accessories For Sale

    Mean Streak For Sale/Trade
    Basic stuff. Good pics, clear concise explanation of everything, and realistic price expectations. You might also want to either weigh each item packaged so you can quote shipping prices or just bump up the price and include shipping.
  10. Chrome Color Paint

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    Every chrome paint I have ever seen never looks like real chrome. It ends up looking like crap. You could strip the paint then polish them, but that's a lot of work. Just leave them black. Who's gonna care, the fashion police?
  11. Major water pump problem

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    This thread is nearly 5 years old. OP hasn't been online since then. You can find all the info you're looking for one of the many online parts phish sites. Impeller will be here: https://www.cheapcycleparts.com/oemparts/a/kaw/500b3237f8700223e479457d/water-pump Gasket will be here...
  12. 2007 Mean Streak SE

    Mean Streak For Sale/Trade
    Looks like hard krome sideburner exhaust.
  13. FOR SALE-1972 Kawasaki 90cc G3SSB

    General For Sale / Trade
    Seriously doubt it. This thread is almost 11 years old.
  14. 2002 Mean Streak 1500 whining Noise from Fuel Tank

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    Mine does it too. It's coming from the gas cap. If you pop the cap it stops for a short time. Is there a strong smell of gas when it whines?
  15. Instructions for Big Air Mod or After Market Intake Pipes and Power Commander.

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    Probably the plumbing for the reed valves. https://gadgetsfixitpage.com/article.php/coaster-installation