Hello fellow riders:

Longtime member here. My first meanstreak was an 06 blk and red SE. I highly modified it and was a true show piece. Then the first kid came and had to sell. Over the years I wondered when was I able to get a new one .. Long story short , life has been good and now i can afford to collect, for that purpose I directed a good broker of mine to find me a another meanie. He got me a garage find in FL. It is a 07 SE ( the one with flame graphics blk and red) The bike has only 685 miles!!! Oh yeahhh just that. I'm testing the waters to see if there is any other collectors out there interested in purchasing. This is not a fire or distress sale. I want to use the funds towards a Lotus Evora. Anyways $7k . I am going away for the holiday and can post pictures once back since the bike is in storage. For fastest reply you can email me at [email protected]
Thanks and ride safe.