Blown head gasket suspect


Blown head gasket suspect

This is a discussion on Blown head gasket suspect within the General Z1000/Z750 forums, part of the Kawasaki Z1000, Ninja 1000, Z800, Z750 & Z-750S category; Greetings, Its been a while since I posted here, anyway, this Monday as I pulled into my garage I noticed that the engine temp is ...

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    Blown head gasket suspect


    Its been a while since I posted here, anyway, this Monday as I pulled into my garage I noticed that the engine temp is up to 250F, which was alarming as it never goes above 216F. Soon as I turned the bike off, all kind of noises indicating trouble (mostly weird fluid spurting, etc.), about a quart of oil/water emulsion under the bike, rear tire covered with it, bad times.

    The emulsion came out of the coolant overflow tank overflow hose, the overflow tank is full with it. After the a bit of time, I checked the oil level and no oil can be seen in the oil inspection window, did find oily foam under the oil refill cap.

    I just did an oil change two weeks ago and the bike does not leak oil at all, so I suspect oil went into the coolant. The bike (03 Z1000) was about the hit 90K on the odometer and until now no major issues (I had to replace the radiator a year ago, and the seal between the oil and water pump 3-4 of years ago).

    So the question is, is this a blown head gasket, or the oil/water pump, or something else? How do I even diagnose this? What is the first step, drain everything?

    Anyone with similar experience, suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated.

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    Yep, pretty similar with my Mean Streak a few years ago, 2014 I think. Kept losing coolant, couldn't figure it out (don't have temp gauge, just a light). Finally I caught it in the act of peeing on the floor. Replacing the head gaskets seemed to do the trick, at least for that issue.

    The high temp and boiling over says you have a pressure leak somewhere, and the head gasket is a pretty likely place. Especially if you don't actually see any coolant leaking out other than the overflow.

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