Seat recommendation for a C14


Seat recommendation for a C14

This is a discussion on Seat recommendation for a C14 within the General Concours forums, part of the Kawasaki Concours category; Hello guys, I have an 08 C14 with a Corbin seat that I would like to change. The seat is too hard for me. I ...

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    Seat recommendation for a C14

    Hello guys, I have an 08 C14 with a Corbin seat that I would like to change. The seat is too hard for me. I have a mustang seat on my VTX1800 and I love it, does any of you have a seat on your concours that is comparable to the feel of a mustang seat?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    A buddy of mine had a Corbin. I saw no difference between that seat on the Concours and what I have on my cruiser. When I sat comfortably in the seat, I couldn't reach the handlebars.

    I had a Sargent seat on mine. It was firm, but shaped for a sport touring bike. I liked the stock seat for 20 mile rides because it had some bounce to it, but you eventually sunk to the pan on longer rides.
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    I've got nearly 50k miles on my Kawasaki accessory seat--bought it not too long after the bike. I had been sanding away slopped spots of the OEM seat, but the foam is just too spongy leading to sinking into the seat as @twowheeladdict mentions--and, I only weigh about 155# plus riding gear. So, anyway...there was some getting used to the accessory seat. I just wanted to ride and not dwell on the seat too much.

    So, with a few rides other sensations began to get my attention. Buzzy bars and the location themselves. Took about 10k miles and a year to get the bar location sorted, and even added 5/8" spacers just last year.

    Meanwhile, my Kawasaki accessory gel seat developed a divot where I had been sitting. This past summer I opened up the seat to see what could be done. I've added three layers of some perforated, grippy, spongy material. Pulled-down the cover and re-stapled. Working pretty nice.

    I see no need to replace the seat, and if I decided to, I'd probably be wondering where to go like you are now. Having had a Corbin on my 2K8Z1K, I understand the firmness (hardness) you are referring about; so, I would probably really consider another Kawasaki accessory seat based on my experience with the C14 Kawasaki accessory seat.
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    Probably a bit late but I have tried Stock, Stock gel seat, stock modified with gel, Corbin, Sargent, .... Russel Day Long is what you want if you intend to ride for longer periods of time.

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